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Live, Grow and Flourish!

learn how to protect and promote your wellbeing even if things get tough


Your health is invaluable, and your self-care can’t afford to wait. If you keep putting others first, you’ll soon find that you don’t have anything left to give them. Sometimes looking after yourself is the best gift you can give to others.

This series of workshops will teach you the building blocks of how to deal with life’s worries whilst taking care of yourself, so that when things get tough, you will not only stay well, but grow stronger and better able to face the future. Whatever it brings.

Over 5 sessions, we will cover:


  • understanding the stress response and how it is possible to approach stress and anxiety in such a way that you will not only protect, but actually strengthen your mental health and wellbeing 

  • allowing, accepting and surrendering to emotions so that you stay in control

  • including recovery times in our busy daily lives, and maintaining our connection with nature

  • nurturing supportive relationships: understanding the need for vulnerability and the importance of listening and being heard

  • exploring the importance of meaning and purpose in our lives

  • understanding the roles of giving and gratitude in maintaining wellbeing

If you are interested in learning how to develop antifragility in your own life, you can stay in touch and get notified of my upcoming events and courses, you can subscribe using the button below.

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